Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Appu
    10-05 06:00 PM
    Could you all please give me an opinion on this situation? I am trying to ask my lawyer, but I won't know for a few days and this is disturbing me a lot!

    I am on H1, 7th year extension. My Labor just got approved. About to file 140. Now my project has apparently lost funding and the employer is offering me a temp job for 6 months till my 140 gets approved so I can use the approved 140 and move. But the catch is the new job requires a new H1 - different job description and pay. Will this affect my 140 filed with the old H1?

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  • partha_vus
    12-20 05:47 PM
    Hi ,
    I have applied 485 in July 2, 2007. Note that my PD Jan 2001 - EB3 (priority dated ported) And I140 is already approved. I have done FP in Oct 2007. Received EAD and AP way back.But I saw LUD on my 485 application on Dec 14, 2007.
    Does this mean any thing. Message content is not changed though.


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  • designserve
    12-31 07:01 PM
    I have posted a question on Immigration in the section Science and Tech under the name Shanky.I need votes there please.I posted in some other forum a couple of days back here.

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  • reddyram
    08-18 10:19 PM
    I am in similar situation. If she comes here and we get married "new" and I am GC Holder can she get a GC too ( provided PD is current ) OR I have to wait till I become Citizen and then file ....
    I am too confused..


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  • Adam
    10-06 05:16 PM

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  • kaisersose
    08-03 06:44 PM
    Today, I received an email from USCIS that my EAD application got approved. My receipt date is on the 3rd week of May of 2007. What I don't understand is that the current processing time at NSC for I-765(EAD) for pending I-485 is March 26th, 2007.....

    They are not always up to date on their processing times.


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  • pressman
    February 18th, 2004, 04:55 AM
    Both nice - but being in the grey brigade mono works better for me.

    File Taxes on April 16 not April 15 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : File Taxes on April 16 not April 15

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  • ssdtm
    02-08 10:02 AM
    Dear 17, head back home.

    Wait until you become 18 and get GC. You can always run away again. But I think you are not ready (age wise and GC wise) to to do this act now.


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  • RenaissanceGirl
    10-02 12:51 PM
    New wacom?! Oooh, what did you get?

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  • ForImmReform
    12-11 03:42 PM
    You have to be "in-status" to apply for AOS. The IO wants evidence of your continued non-immigrant status before you filed your AOS. Also, remember AOS does not grant you a status. It just lets you not accrue unlawful presence


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  • InTheMoment
    06-16 05:04 PM
    Use I-134 instead which is used for EB petitions.

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  • LegallyWise
    09-20 08:57 PM
    I would appreciate a response to my immigration questions as discussed below from anyone knowledgeable on the nuances.

    I immigrated here at the age of 5 (in 1988) with my parents. We overstayed our visitor visas.

    In 2004, I married my high-school sweetheart, he petitioned for me and in 11/2005 we interviewed and I obtained my conditional permanent residence.

    In 9/2007, we signed the documents to convert my conditional to legal permanent residence. I became a legal permanent resident in 8/2008.

    After the signing by both parties but prior to receiving permanent residence, in 10/2007, he filed for divorce claiming constructive abandonment for 10 months. This was not what happened, and I was legally unwise, so I did nothing and signed the papers. I consulted my immigration counsel (in 8/2008 after receiving legal permanent residency) and the paralegal gave me the roundabout about having to see the divorce papers and he said that I may be penalized for the divorce at the time I apply for citizenship because of the 10-month constructive abandonment provision.

    I consulted with another immigration lawyer who said this would not be a problem at all.

    I have left the situation alone until now. I am looking to leave the my current immigration counsel due to their incompetence.

    1. When can I become a citizen (do I have to wait 5 years from 11/2005 due to the divorce)?
    2. What are the foreseeable problems when I apply for citizenship?
    3. Do I have to take any other steps?

    I look forward to any responses on this and appreciate the help in advance.

    Thank you.


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  • munch_042
    04-15 08:11 AM
    Are there instances where the processing time before interview will exceed to more than 3 mos? Is it also true that during the embassy interview, you are currently working? I am a nurse and my agency told me that I should still be practicing as a nurse during the time my packet 4 comes.

    I'm really having some problems because I am intending to go to Ireland by June. But now here comes the Mar 1, 06 PD. What if it would take me again another year to wait for my US visa. I am really sick of waiting.

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  • roseball
    09-18 11:15 AM


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  • Jaime
    04-12 03:29 AM
    On behalf of all legal immigrants I want to congratulate President Obama for taking on Immigration Reform, as he promised during his campaign. As he embarks on this endeavor, we would like to urge the President to listen to the over 2/3 of Americans who favor immigration reform, and not to the small yet vociferous nativist anti-immigration groups that flood Congress with phone calls and faxes. over two thirds of 300 million Americans cannot be held hostage by a few hundred angry nativists.

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  • gcpower1
    01-27 07:11 PM
    you are breave enough to fight 221g....

    Welcome to USA after looking all this mass you still want to came to USA....


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  • Iammontoya
    04-20 10:50 PM
    I believe the folks from electric rain would be the first to tell you that they don't really play in that game. Try importing artwork from Illustrator. The best answer is to go with a true 3d modeling program. There are plenty out there...

    Good luck!

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  • gkopparam
    02-12 03:39 PM
    graduated with a MS in Computer science in may2007.
    i applied to another university and got my sevis transferred to do my MBA there.
    i have done 11 months 20 days of full time CPT at the previous university(where i did my MS).
    am i eligible for another full time CPT at my new university where i have started my MBA (from jan 21st 2008)?

    the international students service at my previous university is saying "i am eligible for 12months of full time CPT for every educational level, and i cannot get another 12 months if i do MBA because it is a masters degree too".
    please suggest.

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  • Ann Ruben
    05-27 05:41 PM
    There is no equivalent non-immigrant visa to an E. However, in some circumstances, an H-1 or an L-1 visa might be possible based on professional or managerial position with the US enterprise in which an investment is being made.

    04-11 02:15 PM

    I have a EB3 labor and 140 approved with PD->12/2002. By 12/2002 I do have 5yrs experience but now (2007) I do have 5yrs experience and I am eligible for EB2.

    My question to the gurus is can I use my EB3 PD for EB2 with new employer and can apply for 485 which is current for 12/2002?

    Also, while during this transistion/waiting for EB2 labor and 140 with the new company what happens that my previous employer cancels my GC application? Can I still use that PD ?

    Thanks in advance!

    06-08 08:06 PM
    Hi Guys,
    I was reading another thread and a question came to my mind..

    I entered in US on AP and got the I-94 with the validity date as my AP date. Now my AP is going to expire and I am not going to travel anywhere any time this year. So just wondering what will happen when the I-94 is expired. Do I have to get it renewed from somewhere or just dun worry about it. or do I have to apply for a new AP.

    Can anyone can shed some light on this situation?

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