Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • actaccord
    01-17 12:43 PM
    comes up in next two years (or till unemployment goes down) will not be +ve for immigration community. Now immigration topic is of political score point not like before where there is reasonable debate was happening.

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  • suni
    02-06 12:28 PM
    I transferred my H1 to new employer and need to go for visa stamping.
    I have a couple of qustions.

    1.I belong to south india and my regional consulate is chennai.Can I go for calcutta consulat as I heard chennai consulate has delays in vsa processing.In such case,can I have to show any emergency proof?

    2.My salary is 30k more than whatever is mentioned in petition.will it be a problem?

    3.I recently heard that consulate officer is asking for contact agreement between employer and client.But in my case I have some addition layer B in between my employer A and client.So how can I provide letter.Do I need to show 2 letters.From my employer A to layer B and layer B to client?

    Please respond.

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  • nikita
    07-01 12:49 PM

    Labor clearance done March 2005; I140 approved 11/11/2007. Filed for I485 08/23/2007.
    I am changing my title but staying with the same compnay. I am also changing location. few qs
    1. Should I file AC21 due to location change?
    2. can i file a new LC for the new job title (Its very very different than what what i did earlier) and carry my PD?


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  • solaris27
    08-10 08:42 AM
    Does any one knows why EB2 India is not approving in comparison to 2006.

    As my understanding that USCIS should process application in FIFO and PD.

    My PD is Feb 2005 and when I talked to CS he told me that everything is cleared and my case should be approved .

    He told me to call after 68 days ( don't know why) if my case is not approved till then.I am seeing peoples with 2006 PD are getting there GC .


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  • hemasar
    06-21 10:31 AM
    My VISA stamped expired long back. I have valid H1 extension and my I94 is valid till October 30 2007. I am in the process of 8 th year H1 extension. Do I need to revalidate my visa to apply I � 485?

    I hope lots of us may sail in the same boat. Any answer guys?

    My PD is 03-25-2005.

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  • aroranuj
    10-26 04:14 PM

    My original I-140 in the EB3 skilled category was denied by the TSC & is pending @ AAO because the attorney's cover letter asked for the application to considered in the professional category, instead of the skilled category.

    I have been told that while that I-140 is pending at AAO I can file a new I-140 under the "Other" category &they will adjudicate that case on the same Lobor Certification. Is that accurate for the TSC?

    We will also file another EB3 Skilled category I-140 which obviously will be kept in abeyance till the AAO rules on my original application.

    Can an attorney please advise if I can have 2 I -140's on the same Labor Certification for different categories?



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  • Juan-E
    03-09 01:17 PM
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  • roseball
    11-16 12:23 AM
    Shouldnt be an issue as GC can be for a future job.....For H1 stamping, your current job requirements and title should be same as the requirements/title on your H1 petition/LCA....


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  • senk1s
    10-10 05:23 PM
    i know 2 people jul 2 filers are still waiting
    called on oct 3rd - asked to wait some more time (not in database)

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  • instantkarma
    06-07 12:31 PM

    I have a I-485 pending with a LIN# and in the NEW instructions there is a lockbox for "I-485 and MSC" combo and a separate filing address for I-485. I'm confused about where a "I-485 with a LIN#" combo (my case) should be sending his EAD renewal documents over to? (Refering to pages 8-10 of I-765 instructions).


    Thanks much in advance!


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  • greencard_aspirant
    04-01 07:17 PM
    Can someone please reply? I really appreciate any help..thanks.

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  • dc2007
    07-10 04:49 PM
    Anybody has filed H1 or H1-transfer by himself ?


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:40 AM
    In our December 2009 newsletter, we explained how the employment-based (EB) priority date system works. See http://shusterman.com/dec09.html#4 In this article, we provide you with materials which may make it easier for you to estimate when you will be able to adjust your status (AOS) and become a permanent resident. First of all, how many people have pending applications for AOS in the EB categories? The USCIS states that, as of September 23, 2009, there were 234,000. Of this total, 75,000 were in the EB-2 category and 151,000 were in the EB-3 category. Of course, not all persons with EB priority...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/12/eb-immigrants-how-long-before-i-get-my-green-card-part-2-7.html)

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  • dbonneau
    10-03 01:52 PM
    Hi, I recently got approved for I140 and am in the I485 pending.
    Is it possible to add my parents as dependents when my pending I485 ? Thanks, db


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  • gc_wannabe
    07-11 08:31 PM
    My cousin got a H1B petition approved (via the lottery system) last year. One consultant in the US had filed his H1B, and my cousin was asked to pay for the entire process, which he did. But, nothing happened last year after that, because the job market turned worse. My cousin did not appear for the visa interview.
    Now, when he is trying to get in touch with the consultant, he is not getting any response. What are my cousin's options now?


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  • ParanoidAndroid
    02-25 08:33 PM
    you want to learn how to use 3d programs..or just swift3d?

    try here 3dgraphics.about.com/cs/3dtutorials/ (http://3dgraphics.about.com/cs/3dtutorials/)


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  • lymleon
    10-04 08:03 AM
    I wish to scroll horizontally using two custom buttons (a left & a right one) in a FlowLayoutPanel, while disabling the autoscroll properties, as I do not wish to have the scrollbar. The controls that will be added into the FlowLayoutPanel will be subjected to changes, as it depends the number of data in the database.
    So is there any tutorial/website that anyone can recommend for this related problem?
    And also, I do know what to put for my horizontalscroll.maximum and minimum value as my flow direction is RighttoLeft.

    Thanks for reading, and of course helping

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  • getready4gc
    09-09 06:49 PM
    I have applied EAD for my wife... while applying I misspelt my wife's first name and I haven't selected any service center, seems it automatically choosen NSC... but my 485 applied under TSC and the dates here are best like May 20, 2008 and the NBC is Mar 31, 2008...

    How can I correct the name, can I do it at the time of finger print?
    How can I change the service center?

    I already sent email to EAD Deptt... In the meanwhile, I wd like to find from many experienced people like you...


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  • jaybirch
    05-29 03:31 PM
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    Cheers, Jay.

    06-26 09:48 PM
    I applied for extension of stay to California Sercice Center. But if I move to Texas, will be my case transfered to VSC??


    if it is an extension of B2 status, I don't think your case will be transferred to a different center if you move to a different state. you just have to inform the service center regarding change of address(I think you can send a AR-11 form) this is just my personal opinion. please check with the lawyer who filed your extension or other experts

    01-06 09:03 PM
    I have an approved I 140 application and I485 not applied as the dates are not current. I have an opportunity to work for the same company same job profile and job code but in a different city. The new city falls under the same Metropolitan statistical area. Do I still need to re file my perm and I 140 in addition to H1b amendment ?

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