Monday, June 27, 2011

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    08-02 07:20 PM
    Canadian-born Justin Bieber is today's selection in honor of my teenage daughter who went with her girlfriends to hear the 16 year old singer here in Memphis over the weekend. Bieber has the distinction of being the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album listed on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time and his second album debuted at #1 on the charts. Bieber's discovery was also very 21st century. He was picked up for a recording contract after being discovered on YouTube.

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  • realist
    01-11 09:49 AM
    What happens when a person takes a leave of absence and is out of the country? 140 is approved and I 485 is pending? Technically employed but not getting paid. My cousin is considering this as a possibility and is being overwhelmed with responsibilities in India. He was a July 07 filer, and his pd is Apr 02

    What complications can arise? Please advice.

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  • usirit
    08-21 10:33 AM
    I have applied for my PERM Labor Certification on Aug, 6th'07. My status online shows "IN PROCESS". DOL called my employer's contact to verify submission on Aug, 15th'07.
    My Lawyer states that rather than preparing for I-140 / I-485. I would be best served in working on preparing a response to the audit that will be coming, because of the Spanish language requirement.
    Is he just getting ready for a "just-in-case" audit...? Should I prepare the I-140 and deal with the audit on the 30-days if DOL sends the Audit letter? How long would it take to receive this letter?

    Enjoying the ride....

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  • senthil
    12-11 10:10 AM
    howdy -- im jumping in to see what i can do to help-win this collective effort.


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  • marajade208
    10-07 08:43 AM
    Hi, I am a new user or Swift. In fact, I just installed it.

    Is there a way to increase your work space views or do I need a bigger monitor.

    I'm sure that this is in a tutorial somewhere, but I am impatient and would like the answer if someone already knows. :crazy:


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  • aicheema
    06-23 08:21 AM
    Currently, I am working with software firm (not a contract work). My wife is re applying for H4 visa. she applied for h4 last year in Feb, i used to work with contracting firm then and refused under 214b(immigration intent). This time we are applying through attorney. Attorney have sent email thrice to Islamabad consulatein Pakistan stating that denial under 214(b) for H4 is not valid reason.
    But no response from them.

    However my wife is applying again and taking letter with her from attorney stating that reason was invliad.

    I am wondering
    1- Do we need to highlight the previous denial so much as she is applying on new h1B now
    2- in any case, can they revoke and cancel my petition as if they do not find any valid reason to reject again.

    I am looking forward to hear from you



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  • nikita
    07-01 12:49 PM

    Labor clearance done March 2005; I140 approved 11/11/2007. Filed for I485 08/23/2007.
    I am changing my title but staying with the same compnay. I am also changing location. few qs
    1. Should I file AC21 due to location change?
    2. can i file a new LC for the new job title (Its very very different than what what i did earlier) and carry my PD?


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  • hibworker
    11-24 06:26 PM
    Yes he is in 'Adjustee Status' also a person can start working as soon as new employer files H1 petition on his/her behalf. So if the petition was filed on time and took 40 days to be approved your friend was in H1 status since the day the petition was received by USCIS


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  • Mezkla2000
    11-09 02:28 PM
    Hi, Im a pediatritian from Venezuela. I was hired by a research institution to work for a year here in the US, and i was granted a H1b non clinical Visa about 3 months ago. A month ago I was offered a position on the fellowship program of Pediatric Critical Care at the same institution but they need to change my visa to a Clinical H1b visa. I went to all the process here in the US. I havent go to Venezuela to get my passport stamped but at the International Depatment of the Institution they told me that i can Travel to Mexico or Canada for less than 30 days without my passport stamped, no problem. I have plans to go to Mexico for Christmas. Now my question is:
    Can I travel to Mexico with my first H1b visa aprooval while my other H1b visa is on process?

    Thank you.

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  • smuggymba
    03-03 10:00 AM
    Thanks Kutti.


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  • Macaca
    10-14 09:54 AM
    Nativism In the House: A Report on the House Immigration Reform Caucus ( igration_Reform_Caucus_200710091083/), 09 October 2007
    New Report Analyzes the Immigration Reform Caucus' Role in Derailing True Immigration Reform ( By Marisa Trevi�o, October 11, 2007

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  • kirupa
    03-10 11:07 PM


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  • miamikk
    02-06 09:36 PM
    I would like to invite my brother to US for a 2 month road trip I am planning in April.

    I finished my employment in Jan and currently on 6 months B2 visa. I got my NZ residency approved and I will be leaving US in June at the end of road trip. I have been living in US for past 10 years (3 years on F1 and 6.5 years on H1B). I am 32 unmarried/male/Indian from Hyderabad.

    My brother is 33 and is married with a 3 year old daughter. He manages my dads businesses (rental properties, finance, farm etc.). I am pretty sure he has some properties on his name.

    I would like to know what are his chances of getting visa approved.

    What do I need to provide him as support and what does he need to provide as support documentation ?? What does US consulate look for support typically and to what extent ?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can give some advice especially someone who were successfully able to get a US visitor visa to their brother.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • obviously
    03-08 09:04 PM
    Great job Aman!


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  • webm
    09-26 03:47 PM
    I think that EAD/AP are not dependent/tied to the employer?

    No.. it's not tied to the employer..

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  • go_gc_way
    10-02 04:40 PM
    Hello Friends,

    Now the Fence bill has come and gone, none of our amendments are included in, all by now may have realized we need to keep it up for few more months before we see something happen.

    And all those waiting for something to happen may also have realized that they need to contribute $, and I believe they did. (I did.)

    I sincerely believe that IV members need also have to do one more SIMPLE ACT. Please spread the word about IV.

    I have seen N number of times IV core members & many others, requesting to post the banner of IV in the grocery store you visit to help admit more members.

    If you have not done it, please do so. I did it.

    Simple things like this will help IV membership grow bigger and better chances of getting something done.


    (I am not a member of IV Core Team)


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  • YesWeWillGet
    03-20 09:42 PM
    1. I am planning to work with a new employer on EAD. As i have heard in order to file AC21 the employer letter should present same job description as previous. I would like to know what are the other things we need to consider in order to be safe while filing AC21.

    2. I requested my current employer to provide the copy of Labor certification that was filed for me. I received the following response from XYZ Company Inc., DOES NOT RELEASE COPIES OF THE LC, AS IT IS OUR APPLICATION WITH THE DOL FOR A POSITION NOT AN EMPLOYEE AND IT IS CONSIDERED PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.
    How should I have to obtain the Job Code etc.,?

    Thank you

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  • sxk
    05-18 10:02 AM
    Here is my scenario;

    My ex employer (ABC) applied for my green card in 2006. In 2007, I got my 140 approved and I applied for 485. In 2009, I changed jobs using my EAD. ABC still holds my H-1b. Also, I did not file for AC21 yet.

    ABC still owes me close to 25k in back pay. I want to report them to Dept of labor and get my money back. What are my options and what are the ramifications of doing so on my green card process?


    If ABC revoked my 140, what should I do? Can I still renew my EAD and AP and continue with my employment in US? My current company is a fortune 20 company and they will support me with any documentation needed?

    Since, ABC still holds my h1b, aren't they liable to pay me till date?

    Please advice

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  • AgentM
    08-03 06:14 PM
    I filed my I-485 application with vermont and I live in WA, according to the instruction form , I765 should be sent to Nebraska

    1. Where should I send the paper filing for EAD ot Nebraska or Vermont.
    2. Should I make the check payable to USCIS or Department of Homeland security.

    Pls help.
    thank you.

    02-23 12:10 AM

    I apologize if I am asking a repeat question.

    I received my green card a few months ago but my family haven't received their's yet. As a result they are still using EAD and/or Advance Parole documents. I am considering a job change and in that context I have two questions:
    1. Are there any gotchas that I should be aware of - given that my family's cases haven't been approved yet.
    2. If I do change jobs, can I apply for EAD and Advance Parole documents for my family on my own? Meaning, without going through the employer.

    Thanks for your time.

    11-10 08:35 AM
    Can we call them as many times we want or call once every 3 months?

    What if you are not satisfied with answer or worried about case progress?

    How reach level 2 officer?

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