Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • blao
    07-08 05:15 PM
    we are on last stage approved i-130 USA citizen for married daughter.
    because we overstayed in USA since 1996 here do we have to leave country since we applied only in 2003?
    this would be a disaster since we have nobody in Italy that con support us until get a waiver from USA counsolate....they said about 9 months if everything is ok...
    my only hope is that a read something about cancellation of deportation and adjustment of status here in USA no needed to leave country...how dangerous can be to start this process, wile waiting for last stage of i-130?
    i have good business, house, cars, furniture here and always paid taxes. 2 USA kids. thanks gimme hope

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  • sina
    01-10 09:33 AM
    I have a approved I140 from my current employer with prority date of may 2006. I had applied a labor long time back in Jan 2004 with another employer. This labor is approved now. Can I apply another I140 with the old empoyer without revoking the one that I have with the current employer as I want to stay with the current employer till I get the new I140 approved? Will applying the I140 with the old affect my current I140 approval.
    Please help, I have to decide soon.

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  • Juan-E
    03-09 01:17 PM
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  • saibaba
    12-10 10:57 PM
    I'm going to India and is planning to get my h1 visa stamped...

    How are stamping scenarios these days at Chennai?..esp"lly due to PIMS stuff...

    I have followed lot of discussions around H1 stamping and people got struck for weeks/months in India due to PIMS and other issues..

    Is it advisable to go for H1 stamping as i'm into 7 th year of extension and I can't afford getting stuck in India for more than the granted period of vacation...I have approved AP documents handy and can use them while coming back to US...

    Can someone pls advise me on this?


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  • dr.happie
    03-25 07:54 PM
    I'm A medical student who has come to do a 1 month internship(Clinical Elective) at a University on a F-1 visa valid till mid may 2009 .My internship here ends at the end of march. I have also 2 internships(cliinical electives) scheduled for the month of May and June as well at ANother University . The main problem is that the other univ require me to be on a B-1 and not on a F-1 . My present school has called them and requested them but they rejected the plea. They want me on B-1 . Now my question is that "Can I change my status from a F-1 to a B-1 while in US" - I have a valid visa which is not yet expired .

    It would be appreciated if u can tell me about the forms that I shall need to fill in for the same ? Do I need to hire an attorney for it ?

    Please rply

    Thanks a million

    Dr. Happie

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  • crystal
    08-15 12:39 PM
    Some info here



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  • mrane1
    03-12 04:08 AM
    2 years after mine was approved... Even though we had filed at the same time... Nevertheless we are happy... Good luck to everyone!

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  • sukhwinderd
    09-13 08:56 AM
    also, is the receipt date on your 485 notice same as the actual received date at one of the service centers ?


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-18 03:50 PM
    It seems like ages since the federal government transformed the rules on when and how foreign citizens apply for visas to enter the United States. Actually, the most dramatic changes occurred in the summers of 2003 and 2004. In 2003, the government dramatically restricted the authority of American consular officers to waive the appearance of visa applicants for an in-person interview. In 2004, the U.S. State Department stopped "revalidating"(renewing previously issued but expired) nonimmigrant visas from a central processing facility in the United States. More changes have followed. Now all applicants must submit the visa application on-line (all the better...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/angelopaparelli/2010/06/my-entry-1.html)

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  • seekerofpeace
    09-17 09:20 AM

    I am thinking of sending those letters again....what better things to do in life awaiting GCs....at least it will help USPS get some revenues.

    I know many in the forum have sent letters. Can anyone send a consolidated list of addresses for

    No drama Obama, all drama Biden, Napolitano, TSC headquarters or the links to them

    Thanks in advance,



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  • engineer
    10-29 12:10 PM
    I am arranging IV WI Chapter Meeting on Fri 11/9 in Brookfield, WI.
    Please PM me if you would like to attend. Please spread this message to your friends etc in WI.

    Likey Agenda items:
    1. Updates from IV Core on various IV activities.
    2. Discuss Plans to meet with WI State Representatives and US Senators/
    Congressman/woman from WI.
    3. Hear issues from each of you and what would you like IV Core to work on.
    4. IV awareness campaign. How to spread IV message to local WI scene.

    Let me know if you would like to add any other items to agenda.


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    10-01 08:38 PM
    yes this can happen i received today my eAd without FP



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  • waitin_toolong
    08-30 12:23 PM
    nope since this will be a visa change hence new stamp

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  • TexDBoy
    01-21 03:48 PM
    I am an analyst under H1B and I am involved in a sales process by developing a prototype for a client. My company wants me to give a percentage of total deal as commission. It will show in the pay stub as commission. Is it legal to get commission under H1B (please remember I am a programmer analyst) ?


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  • kinvin
    01-28 02:40 PM

    Can fellow forum members suggest any Stamford,CT area lawyers whose services they have availed off. I am looking to get a second opinion, independent of my company�s lawyer.


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  • idli_vada
    07-01 07:01 PM
    I need to find out what documents I need to send after I file I-765 online. DO anyone has the experience in this matter. I filed my I-485 and at tht time i did not filed my I756 just to avoid lawyer's fee.

    The form says I need to send a copy of I-94 and photo thats all, but the confirmation notice I received after filing the form online said that do not send any photo's or any identification document and the notice said that they will sent me a Biometric appointment.

    DO anyone has info on this


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  • kirupa
    07-08 12:09 PM
    Hey Jason,
    You can't use lines, but you can use text instead. For a line, use an underscore _ or - or | or \ or / or >, and so on. for a circle, you can use an 'o'.

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  • ameryki
    10-15 11:00 PM
    got mine in 10 days

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  • gps001
    06-16 02:52 PM
    I am working for a company who filed for my GC.

    I-140 approved 18 months back
    I-485 "applied and pending" 12 months back
    EAD in hand from about 10 months.

    If I move to a company with the exact same job description,
    a) Whom do I need to inform, with regards to , AC21 portability clause
    b) Who will check if the job is in the exact (same/similar) field

    c)Possibility that there will be RFE after I-485?
    d)What if the GC sponsoring company is not helpful after I move to a different company. How is this going to affect?

    I need to weigh in the costs associated with countering a RFE and the increased salary due to job change.

    Let me know your opinion.


    07-25 09:25 AM
    Any Use for us


    01-04 03:25 PM
    Has anyone been in a situation where they joined a new employer after having completed 180 days after 485-filing, and sent in AC-21 documentation through an attorney?

    If so, which attorney did you choose for the AC-21 paperwork?

    - The old attorney, that represented you and your ex-employer, and filed your labor, 140, 485, EAD, AP

    - or the attorney representing the new company

    - or a third attorney that you went and found on your own

    What do you think is the best way to go, if there is a best way to go?

    Your response is highly appreciated.


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