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  • uffyegc
    02-09 06:14 AM

    I have applied 485 through a lawyer. The lawfirm sold their company to some one else. I was asked to file G28 and I didn't file for G28 yet.

    I got a mail saying I was sent RFE n Feb 4th. I haven't received the letter yet. Would the RFE go to lawyer or me?

    What should I do now?

    Thank you.

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  • SVS
    09-09 05:22 PM

    1. I do not know.
    2. Once your approval comes through, it will just be a regular H1-B transfer, so you should be able to carry the remaining of the 3 years on the H1-B.
    3. As far as I know, your GC petition will not go with you and you'll have to start all over again. I believe, when you file your I-485 with EAD and it has been over 180 days, then you have your EAD and you can change your employer using AC21.

    I am on my first H1 (3rd year) and filed for an extension recently. I received my notice a few days back.

    Good luck,
    PD: Dec 2007
    I-140: Aug 2008

    As always, do check with an attorney!

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  • psam
    09-13 07:30 PM
    Sorry for posting on this thread. But I do not know how to open a new thread. How does one do that?

    I am trying to get an appointment with US consulate in Vancouver with no luck for past 2 weeks. Checking multiple times a day doesnt help. Is there any particular time, I should look out for?

    Thanks for your response.

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  • johnmcdonald98
    04-07 08:48 PM
    If your processing date is current, if your PD is current, and if you are name check is cleared, they most likely be processing or processed your case.

    If your processing date is current, if your PD is current, but if you are name check is not cleared, and so as per new rule, they will process your case in a month or so.

    If your processing date is current, but if your PD is not current, but if you are name check is cleared, most probably they will pre-adjudicate your case. So the day your PD becomes current, you will get your GC. In this case if your NC is not cleared, you have to wait another month as long as you are above 180days of NC waiting...

    If your processing date is not current, but if your PD is current, I have seen people getting GC, so I believe they must have cleared their NC. But I don't quite understand this scenario...

    this is just my belief from the pattern i have seen so far, correct me!


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  • maddunr
    12-31 07:41 PM

    Unfortunately, we cannot search by name. You may want to provide keywords used in your question so members can find your question. I have searched for all questions related to legal immigration in all categories and weighed my opinion one way or another.

    Let's hope the IV core takes up this issue and writes up a carefully crafted question so we can all benefit from the resulting voting.

    Now, go and have yourself some fun at a NYE party! I hope I am the only lame-o writing posts this NYE (my wife's sick and we're home).

    - V

    PS: Why Science and Tech? How is this a S&T question? Aren't we all affected equally?

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  • gk_2000
    12-23 07:02 PM
    Giving their nerves a break I suppose, buddy


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  • desi3933
    02-04 09:20 AM
    On your I-485 approval, H4 status is lost and no longer valid.


    If the person is out of country while on H1/H4 and I-485 is approved, he/she can enter USA on valid H1/H4 visa stamp and will be offered Deferred Inspection. In most cases, they have to report within 7-14 days to local USCIS for passport stamping.

    I suggest that you get more details about Deferred Inspection with your attorney.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian Origin.

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  • kiran24
    07-21 12:47 PM
    My current H1-B expires on 01/4/2011. I am planning to switch to EAD in November. What is the procedure to switch to EAD from H1-B. Is there any form that needs to be filled. Please advice. My company admin and HR have no idea and are asking me to find out for myself.



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  • Pagal
    05-28 07:49 AM

    Not that I know ... the worst case scenario is that your green cards are physically mailed to you and then they are returned 'cause nobody was at the home (though normally, it should just sit with your other mail).

    When you reenter US, stand in the regular visitor line.... if your card is issued, the IO will know and stamp your passport w temporary green card and allow you in the US.

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  • johnggberg
    07-20 02:43 PM
    but visa dates may get retrogressed again than Priority date will play role


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  • BlueSoft
    01-20 07:31 PM
    Company A can not by law press any charges for the filing fees of H1B petition but they might go after you to pay for other costs in case you have agreed to pay for attorney fees.

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  • adhantari
    07-07 03:01 PM
    It was just an innocent question for a friend. You guys give out red dots for asking questions???

    gcformeornot: don't appreciate your judgment.

    designserve: thanks.

    where in your OP you say its about a friend..... now that it backfired.... you braught in a friend??? now a days everybody posts for thier friend.....


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  • vshar
    03-11 12:53 PM
    My wife got her h1B stamping done on 2/2/10 at Delhi embassy. It was smooth and they asked for 797 and the passport and then asked what her company does and what her spouse does( as she changed her status from H4 to F1 to H1B). that's all.

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  • user_5
    01-22 03:47 PM

    I was working on L1 before and my h1 was approved in october but i joined on h1 only in december before the 60 day grace period?
    Now i need to visit to india so
    1) Will there be any problem to get stamped in india if i travel in April ?
    2) Can i get stamped in Mexico or Canada? How many pay slips n other documents do i need ? What is the process of getting stamped in Mexico or Canada?
    3) Which one is less risky (going to mexico or canada) ?

    Please let me know ASAP. I appreciate your help on this.



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  • lonedesi
    12-11 01:22 PM
    I would like know if any of the IV members whose I-140 applications were transfered to VSC for receipting has been approved. If those IV members have received any kind of communication from VSC regarding processing of I-140 please post the details for benefit of other members. My case should have been processed at TSC, but was sent to VSC for receipting and has been stuck there for quite some time. It appears that VSC has stopped processing I-140's as of April 2006 and have not processed any applications since then. I would sincerely appreciate if members with I-140 at VSC to please post any updates they may have received. Any idea when I-140 PP will be reinstated?

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  • Rocky4884
    05-26 04:41 PM
    Thanks & appreciate your prompt response...


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  • kamdard
    09-12 04:23 PM
    Just saw this one:

    Hope this helps.


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  • kirupa
    04-29 03:14 PM
    Really nice stamps! Added them up :)

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  • STAmisha
    06-23 10:23 PM
    Bumping up

    12-10 11:51 PM
    i would start by calling....

    03-24 08:47 PM
    Recently my employer has decreased the hourly rate given for many years in the pay stub but providing the difference as bonus. Will it affect my EB2 Classification and I-485 approval.

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