Saturday, July 23, 2011

funny retirement gifts

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  • ak_2006
    04-27 08:54 AM
    Thanks for posting...Positve for us.

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  • rpulipati
    10-26 03:29 PM

    Is anyone in same BOAT?
    I got EAD cards at my new address, but no FP notice yet. Have I missed that or USCIS might not have sent it yet?
    How can i check, Can i check the status online for FP ?
    Is there any way ?

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  • tdasara
    08-28 08:38 AM
    If you get onto your EAD you can be a active partner

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  • bombaysardar
    07-09 08:17 PM
    How about this idea?

    We need to run this past by IV core team


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  • fishjelly
    09-08 03:53 AM
    I am not using Silverlight, just using Visual Studio 2005....
    I use Response.Redirect("previous_page.aspx");
    this make the page load again so cannot display back the previous view...
    There is really no other methods in C# without javacript?

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  • Satrofu
    12-11 05:45 PM
    You have to be "in-status" to apply for AOS. The IO wants evidence of your continued non-immigrant status before you filed your AOS. Also, remember AOS does not grant you a status. It just lets you not accrue unlawful presence

    Thank you for answering.

    Does someone know if there is a time limit for immigration to answer after I send the evidence?


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  • meenu_a
    03-30 04:26 PM

    I am really having sleepless nights over this, thinking obsessively over and over.

    Here is my situation:

    I am working for a consulting company A since Feb 2003, and they filed for my GC in May 2003 in Ohio for a position. Even though I been working for the same company, I am working for a different position in California, and I never worked for the position in OHIO that is on GC Labor.

    Now, its been two years I filed my 485, got EAD and everything. After 180 days of 485, my employer asked me to work on EAD (to avoid extending H-1). So now I am officially on EAD and used AP once.

    At this time, my contract is coming to an end, can I look for another full time in CA area and use Ac-21 to port.? Is there any issue because even though I am working for the sponsoring employer, but not for the position on GC labor?

    Or shall I not file AC-21, take a different job and come back to the sponsoring employer and work for that position upon GC approval? Or is that out of question because I already used EAD that means automatic invocation of AC-21?

    Please suggest. Thanks

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  • tsiger
    04-17 04:46 PM
    thanx guys.. some more are coming soon :)


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  • sanjay02
    01-12 12:47 PM
    What are the implications of REAL ID act with regard to driver's license? I apologize for posting some thing off the subject.

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  • pd_recapturing
    09-11 09:56 AM
    Hi, My H1B on passport is expiring in mid Jan 2008. Similarly, I-94 is also expiring same time. I applied AOS in last week of July and hoping that I will get EAD by Dec but if it does not come by then, what are my options ? If I apply H1 in first week of Jan , would that be okay as I will have expired H1B stamp and I-94 in my passport. Please advise.


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  • jazzy
    12-12 09:44 AM

    I had a quick question with EAD I understand that I can switch job after 180 days as long as there is 50% match in job description. However my companiy's legal coordiantor send me a weird query that she cannot find the job in hard to fill category. So my question is Does the job I am applying for using my EAD has to be hard to fill as in case of H1 or the only requirement is that the job description should match 50% with the underlying LC.

    Thanks for your answers.

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 04:18 PM


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  • h1b_forever
    02-04 03:23 PM
    You can get the visa the same day, no appointment required. You will need to be there early in the morning

    Make sure all the documents are the latest

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  • arc
    06-13 02:56 PM
    June 30 or June 8???

    I thought it was june 8...


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  • immigrationmatters30
    03-15 03:54 PM
    Very few members are intrested in discussing H1B as most IV members are on EAD.

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  • fromnaija
    12-12 09:09 PM
    I am not an attorney but seeing as noone has answered your question here is my answer.

    Extension of H1 based on I-140 is part of AC21 and is intended for applicants who are in the USA in a valid H1 status. Since your H1 would have expired and you would be out of the USA, you cannot avail yourself of that provision. So, you will have to stay out for one year and then apply for a new H1.

    An attorney may answer now and correct me if I am wrong.


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  • kirupa
    10-18 06:56 PM
    Haha - clever :P

    In the future, though, please create a new thread for each entry. That makes it easier during judging.

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  • reddy77
    10-24 02:52 PM
    My wife got a job offer on contract basis for 3 months. I am on h1 and she is on h4 so far. I am planning to stay on h1 itself. If my wife accepts this job using EAD, Does my status also changes? Is it okay if she dont find a job after this contract expires, what status she will be in during that time, h4 or EAD?

    Please advice, Thanks a lot ....

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  • anantc
    09-08 02:02 PM
    I do not see any EB3 alone approvals (with no porting). Can people please update here if there are any EB3 485 Approvals so that we can get some pattern out of it.

    Appreicate your response EB3 guys..

    03-07 05:31 PM
    Also here is my next question. When my H1B extension is pending, can I change my employer? Should the new employer wait for my H1B that will be renewed or does the new employer apply for a fresh H1B renewal? I guess he cannot do this because I will out of status for 7 months and this might turn out to be illegal. Someone plsssssssss answer my questions!

    02-11 12:13 PM
    Ask him to do a FOIA and apply for duplicates, it will take atleast 1 year with the current backlog.........

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