Saturday, July 23, 2011

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  • eldrick
    07-24 01:10 PM
    As soon as I got the receipt number, I immediately started working for Company B, thus, under they're payroll.
    So, should I've entered Company B as current employer?

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  • npras123
    05-10 12:59 PM
    I am an undergrad student at purdue. I went to a community college for a year and transferred back to purdue. I did not fill in any paper work or anything and I was put out of status as per my international advisor. I handed them a all the documents that were needed for reinstatement. they told me it take 3-4 months for reinstatement and i should stay the US in the meantime.
    Now being said that I filled it on 10/9/11 and i am gonna be dropped from purdue on 10/17/11. I am planning on attending a community college for the coming semester and they will not accept me with a terminated record.
    So my questions are -
    1) Will immigration department check back with uni if i am still enrolled (note: i got paper signed from my advisor with my graduation dates on it)
    2) Should i leave US and apply for a new visa and a new i 20 with that community college?
    If yes, then what are my chances of getting a visa?
    3) What are my options??

    Please advice. I am at crucial crossroads of my life.
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  • gc_dega_gandhigiri
    03-05 08:44 PM

    Have a question on EAD/H1b. I am joining a new company using AC21 and EAD. Lets say after few months if INS denies my GC application then will I be able to transfer my h1b. Basically I got the info that I can re-capture my unused period of H1b out of 6 years. Is that true ?


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  • carlosCA
    02-05 06:20 PM
    Hi all,

    I am currently working on an L1 visa. Have been in the US for 1.5 years.

    A few weeks ago I wanted to change my job. Now I have an offer and the new employer is trying to sort out the visa.

    Unfortunately, the H1B visas are gone for this year, and the employer can't wait until October to get me working in their team, so waiting for the new H1 visas is not an option.

    After checking with their immigration attorneys, they now say the only option I have is to request an 'O' visa (they will support me).

    'O' visas are available for top sportsmen, actors or scientists. The attorneys say I have a good-enough resume to apply for one (masters degree, published some articles and experience in top companies) but I still think the opportunities are not many, since I think my resume is really good but not outstanding enough for this type of visa.

    My question is, how careful do I have to be when letting the company attorney to apply for a 'O' on my behalf? And specially, if the visa is denied is that going to impact my current L1 visa? I don't wanna end up with no visa at all! And also, is that going to be a 'bad record' next time I apply for a visa (probably H1)?

    What about the positive case? Can I have the 'O' visa during the 2 weeks I will still work in my current company under an L1 (I have to give my company 2 weeks notice before leaving) before moving jobs?

    I can't stop thinking the attorneys want the best for the company, that doesn't mean they want the best for me, so I am worried about the possibility they are applying for the visa on my behalf but not minding possible bad consequences for me if the visa is refused.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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  • fromnaija
    11-14 05:15 PM

    Would you know the minimum wage level needed to qualify for EB2?

    That would depend on prevailing wage for the job and the job location. in Funny Music T Shirts,Funny
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  • nonimmi
    01-28 03:32 PM

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  • english_august
    01-13 10:28 AM
    Folks -

    We urgently need a few people from San Jose to talk to NPR about immigration issues. If you are available today (Sunday Jan 13) or in the next two days, please send me a PM with your phone number asap. Don't worry about what you will talk - I can help you with it.

    I've already tried contacting a few people from San Jose who had previously volunteered to be available to talk to the media but probably because of the weekend, I've not been able to get to them. So please other people from San Jose, please step up and help us out.


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  • gettinthere
    05-11 10:31 PM
    Hi all

    My I-485 is pending(EB-3,India)since 2007. I changed employer & successfully ported PD on new I-140 approval in EB-2 category. My PD is in Oct 2006 & I expect that to become current in the coming few months.

    Now, I need to do Interfiling to link my pending I-485 to my new I-140.

    (1) What all documents/wordings are required for interfiling? Can someone pls provide a checklist?

    (2) Who should do Interfiling- Myself or "Attorney of File" on my original I-485 or my current attorney (who did my new I-140)?

    (3) Can I send my Interfiling request to USCIS even before my PD becomes current?


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  • Steve Mitchell
    December 3rd, 2003, 08:46 AM
    Nikon today announced the new D70 digital SLR camera. The D70 at $999.00 is Nikon's answer to Canon's 300D. Read the press release here (

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  • siddar
    09-21 10:56 AM
    Your lawyer is very much on the point, H1B is valid only with the Job. Either H1B COS or H1B stamp outside US, you should have the Job offer in Hand, to be on H1B status.

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  • garybanz
    08-27 02:48 PM

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  • purethoughts
    09-12 02:07 PM
    I read the whole CISOmbudsman Report ( and i came to the conclusion that USCIS is not an intact organization with just some glitches in it . Actually it is kind of a statue put together by pieces of other statues. After the creation of the Homeland Security (!) department, they broken up the INS in pieces and all the pieces of one INS were absorbed by several agencies. This was done just 4 years back so it will take some time to reorganize their acts. Meanwhile they are facing many difficult and massive tasks from other directions.

    They will be less caring of what 0.5 million of potential legal immigrants think of thier acts no matter how good organize we are and how much loud our screams will be. People come on similar forums with their limited knowledge (i am also one of them) and claim to know much more but if you read all these reports you know that you are not dealing with one broken system, it is bunch of broken system put together. So there are lots of cracks and holes and our cases may drop from those cracks without anyone knowing that thing.

    I will go in India and have a head bath in Ganga if my green card comes before my remains are shipped there !! I do not have any confidence in USCIS and its policies at least for now. May be in couple of years they will straighten out some problems. I hope that future generation of desi people will get some fruits of the labor we are bearing right now.

    So sit tight and do not leave anything to chances !!


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  • grupak
    11-28 07:47 PM
    NIW have to stick to the field in which they got their waiver from labor, as far as I understand. All comes down to how the NIW I-140 application/support letters were worded.

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  • STAmisha
    07-27 07:33 AM
    I'm in similar siutation. please message me


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  • kirupa
    04-22 04:55 PM
    I really like your last two entries! :beam:

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  • Cathy_P
    January 3rd, 2005, 09:59 PM


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  • gauravster
    12-23 06:29 PM
    169000 prosecutions, from estimate 12 million illegals. Lets see, around 0.01% !!! And please note the headline "IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT THROUGH THE ROOF"
    Another biased article designed to garner support for illegal immigration while trying to lull others into thinking that there is a crack down against illegals!!!

    169000 out of estimated 12 million is actually more than 100 times what you show it as 0.01%. It is close to 1.4%.

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  • immihelp1
    08-07 02:16 PM
    Dear nsb,

    What u said is not true.

    I am in 8th year and went to Nogales for stamping last week. Got 3 years stamped.

    If anyone want's more info please PM me.


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  • cloud 9
    06-16 06:30 PM
    If you do take FOIA route, it will take at least 8-10 months to get the documents. So, better do it ASAP.

    01-06 02:04 PM
    Theres no legal Immigration question in that?

    I just requested one. Hope they approve!

    07-18 07:03 PM
    please put ' before the url D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD


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