Friday, July 22, 2011

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  • evil girl tattoo the maps,

  • Musubi
    Oct 6, 11:51 PM
    Haven't done one of these screenshots in awhile...

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  • Girls New middot; Girls Tattoos

  • NoExpectations
    Apr 28, 09:30 AM
    The real measurement of how well the CDMA phone will do is when apple releases the iPhone 5. That way people can measure the performance when both carriers are starting off at the same time.

    If the iPhone 5 Rumors are true, the iPhone 5 will still have CDMA access for the Verizon version and all of its crippled features: slow network, no data/voice multitasking, limited conference call abilities.

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  • Labels: girl tattoo

  • ergdegdeg
    Feb 21, 10:26 PM
    See existing thread.

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  • Girls Tattoos On Neck.

  • joecool99
    Dec 22, 12:09 AM
    100% agree macs do not belong to ENTERPRISE environment.
    i was working as IT admin in the past in EU, all Windows, UNIX, Linux.

    however, as a personal computer it blows away the XP and W7. If personal prefers it, MACs should be allowed as clients on Windows based Enterprise networks if required. Creative dept. for example.

    • ease of use
    • FW and TARGET disc mode features.
    • Easy of grabbing a cropped screenshot
    • Some smart application design, ease of sharing files, great solid networking (10.6.5)
    • expose!
    • great dashboard design
    • best straigtforward backup system built into the OS
    • COLOR coding files and folders !!!
    • and other i cannot thing of right now
    • ctrl + alt + apple +8

    • HW price
    • short lived OSX support

    as personal computer it's a better choice for me, i switched in 2005 and never looked back. at Work we have W7 and MAC mini server for file sharing. BUT again, it's not for Enterprise solution, no doubt about it.


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  • navicaph
    Oct 15, 03:43 PM

    Clickable | 2560x1440

    Mind if you share the wallpaper?

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  • mashinhead
    Mar 10, 07:46 PM
    I use VLC, Gimp, and SKYPE and Wiretap, altough streamRipper (which i discovered here) Seems much better cos it breaks up the tracks for you. I bought AirFoil, cos its a great concept. but there is a delay, so its sux for dvds and stuff.


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  • tattoo picture

  • Chip NoVaMac
    Sep 26, 10:44 AM
    I disagree. Live under their roof, live by their rules or at least go through the hassle of trying to get away with breaking them.

    If you're old enough to deal with the possible consequences of sex, you're old enough to find a place on your own. If you're not old enough to do that, be sure one of you is sterile before proceeding. I say this a week after my 17 year old cousin gave birth after both being on the pill and using a condom. It happens. If you can deal with that possibility, you're old enough to move out.

    Sure, it's easy to be almost certain that nothing will happen. Tell that to my cousin.

    I was thinking the same thing myself.

    Have not yet read if the gf is 18 or older yet. And that is an issue. For with him being 18, there maybe statutory rape issues - not from her, but her parents.

    Hope that all will go well with your cousin in the years to come.

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  • MusclezMarinara
    Mar 9, 09:12 AM
    Looking to buy a lightly used imac or mac mini

    Been on ebay but would imagine a more reputable place would be here if anyone has any useful input id appreciate it



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  • neck tattoos for girls.

  • CrazyforMac
    Jul 7, 03:37 PM
    COOL, can't wait!!!

    Second half of July.

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  • Trend Tattoo Avatar -Tattoo

  • trekkie604
    Mar 10, 03:40 PM
    Work phone...


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  • tattoo designs for girls neck.

  • mclihah2
    Oct 31, 08:59 AM
    What are the chances that they are going to (finally) release the new video iPods on friday, and the release is actually going to be a double release?

    And the chance that they have been assembling these new Video iPods, in secret, piggybacked with shipping of the new shuffles?

    personally i hope not, as I've spent my apple budget for the year

    24" iMac
    Elgato EyeTV2 Hybrid
    USB 4 Ports
    Nike+ trainers
    Nike + sensor

    I'm not sure I can add the cost for a 120GB ipod video on top of that

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  • kcmac
    Oct 5, 09:55 PM
    The resizable text box will be awesome. There is nothing worse than some lame brain web designer that only lets you see one or two lines at a time when you need to see a lot more.

    The solution that was shown on the blog site looked simple and elegant. Its about the user. Listen up you snot a$$ designers. :D :p ;)


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  • Bobjob186
    Jun 21, 04:58 PM
    Original iSight Camera
    Comes with:
    Firewire Cord
    and Stand.

    The stand was removed properly and can be put on another computer.

    $180 shipped, w/priority shipping. ( ( ( (

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  • Neck Tattoos

  • Macs R Us
    Oct 14, 04:55 PM
    Neat site... Now the MSN Users can have fun :rolleyes: ... Well it still is really cool!


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  • toddybody
    Mar 23, 02:28 PM
    Fail :)

    Why hate on w7 so much? It's actually a great OS IMO. For the record, ive seen just as many spinning color wheels as i have perpetual sand glasses:p Stay well friend!

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 28, 03:10 PM
    Contract Termination By Fraud
    A contract can be terminated by what is referred to as "fraud in the inducement." Fraud in the inducement occurs where a party intentionally misleads the other party into entering the contract. For example, a party lies about the subject of the contract and the other party relies upon the statement and agrees to the contract. This misleading action can terminate the contract.

    Do us all a favor and stay in school. You aren't going anywhere in the real world as a lawyer.


    well said iApples ... this guy StratocasterDan seems to think he is smart ... he has a lot to learn in life


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  • spillproof
    Aug 2, 08:11 AM
    I went cartoony this month. I'm cycling through about 10 off David Lanham's ( site.

    I discovered him through an article ( about his awesome Facetime sketches. Too bad he is booked until next year :( I really want one.

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  • GuitarDTO
    Apr 28, 12:12 PM
    There were 3 or 4 comments right off the bat in this article that hit the nail on the head, and yet people blatantly ignore those comments and spill out the troll fodder.

    Verizon iPhone 4 sales that didnt meet expectations have nothing to do with:
    -Not being able to talk and browse
    -Feeling "shunned" for 4 years by Apple (big LOL at this one)

    I think it is a combination of 3 things all combined playing into this. Both the fact that users contracts arent up IN ADDITION to the fact that the Android phones are currently "good enough" to not feel the need to immediately switch. When people's contracts start expiring, the sales will continue to pick up. The other item is the iPhone 5 or 4S. Everyone is aware that a new model is coming, and when you add these factors all together, it doesnt take a genius to figure out why people aren't rushing out to buy one (even though they've probably already sold millions)

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  • gatepc
    Dec 31, 11:33 PM
    I usually just use my PS3 guess I should ramp it up then? Running full throttle on MBP i7 for a while! Using laptop on my lap.... the pain it burns! Ah my legs on fire!

    Jun 29, 03:59 PM
    I have a first generation working shuffle if you are interested. PM me. :)

    Really just looking for a 2nd gen. I'll keep you in mind if i can't find one though.

    Nov 11, 10:21 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.

    Or he was in the middle of a game of angry birds and decided to just send a quick reply so he could try and finish the level which he can't get 3 stars on

    Mar 19, 11:17 AM
    Is there any way I can use my Powerbook as a monitor for my PS2?

    I am looking for the cheapest option and already know about elgatos diversity or hybrid usb stick that does it! But that is almost �100! but if there is nothing else I will have to go with it!!!!!!


    Sep 27, 05:00 AM
    I dont have .mac, but I do run my own mail server from home, and use squirrelmail... i like the look of the new .mac webmail....

    all i need now is for someone to release a simular setup, opensource for me to d/l and install... mmmmm

    I think it does look nice. I just hope this is include in Leopard server as well. I would love to run my own mail server with this type of webmail interface.

    Try RoundCube ( Pretty similar, works well for my IMAP webmail systems. :) ;)

    Hilmi Hamidi
    Apr 1, 06:57 AM (
    Wallpaper (

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