Friday, July 22, 2011

quotes about trusting others

quotes about trusting others. own life trusting her gut,
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  • samiwas
    Mar 4, 10:47 AM
    Regarding Health Care:

    Bill Maher New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit ( 23July09

    Just how exaggerated is the following?:

    Wow. That article pretty much sums up the way I see it all. Great read.

    My problem with it isn't that businesses and people are in it for a profit (well, in certain areas). Hey, you got to make something. It's that the only thing that matters is the highest profit possible, at all costs.

    If a company has made a profit of $15,000,000, but they were wanting $16,000,000 based on nothing more than their accountant's predictions, they won't settle for that $15m. They will lay off people, make others work longer, and cut salaries and benefits to achieve their "goal". It's no longer about making's about making excessive money for the upper management and pleasing shareholders.

    You see it in the stock market all the time. A company announces that it's profits will fall short of some astronomical assumed figure, and shareholders start selling off the stock because large profits are worse than huge profits.

    While this isn't in the private market, and I'm sure someone (we know who) will find a way to say this is OK, it reminds me of a recent story I read. I think it was Texas Tech or something required all of their faculty to take a pay freeze, yet gave the football coach a half-million dollar a year raise. Not $50k, not $100k...$500k a year added to his already $1.5m a year salary. All while telling teachers there was not enough money to do anything for them. And it wasn't a contracted raise, if I recall, it was a "promise". The very fact that the coach would take that says enough to me. That's pretty sick.

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  • eji
    Sep 27, 02:24 AM
    If you don't have it now - don't bother getting it. There are free services that do everything that .Mac does. However, since I am so dependent on the email address - I'm stuck paying the $99 a year.

    You can get it for $79, sometimes lower, on Don't fall for the all-too-easy "automatic renewal" check box. I've wasted at least one hundred bucks over the years through that thing.

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  • MacSA
    Mar 10, 04:41 PM
    iPulse ( is a nice little app. I use it as a clock/system monitor.

    "Using its concise and pleasing user interface, iPulse graphically displays the inner workings of Mac OS X on the desktop or in the dock. The entire user interface is completely configurable so you can turn off gauges you don't want, leaving only what you are interested in for easy viewing."

    It's not free.........

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  • AdamRock
    Feb 25, 08:29 PM
    no one cares.


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  • Archon Gold
    Apr 24, 03:02 PM
    It probably just means that the iMac is not functional, as in Apple Technicians made it out of spare parts.

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  • 840quadra
    Apr 27, 01:02 PM
    Besides worrying about Manufacturers and telco vendors, people need to always be aware that when they have a device such as an iPhone, iPad, and Android device, that they are carrying around a pocket, or highly portable computer.

    Security concerns you would have with data on your laptop should be carried over to those devices, and even, be paid closer attention to. You are carrying around a device that is most always internet connected, has cameras, has GPS, has Microphones, and motion sensors.

    I don't consider my iPhone a spy device, but, I keep all of those things in mind when I am running around with it ;) .


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  • stlblufan
    Apr 18, 10:25 AM
    EDIT: Looks like a TU issue. Ignore this thread.

    Today, I updated my iPad 2 (Verizon) to 4.3.2. Before doing so, I ran tinyumbrella to save SHSH, and while it successfully saved the blob for 4.3.1, it gave me an error for 4.3.2: you are just too late.

    How is this possible? Isn't 4.3.2 the current build? I successfully upgraded to 4.3.2, which means Apple must still be signing it. I ran tinyumbrella again post-upgrade; same error.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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  • NZed
    Mar 7, 01:19 AM
    Why would you want to use ddr2 anyways? its slower, and more power consuming. If you have a lot, consider selling them. Or maybe build a Hackintosh with a second hand cpu with lots of ram


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  • Nny0
    May 1, 09:26 PM
    Hello you cool, cool cats :cool:

    So about a month ago I upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard (brrrr so cold)

    About a week after that, I started having problems where my keyboard and trackpad would be unresponsive for about a minute. This would happen every few weeks.

    At one point, it wasn't just a minute, but about 10-20 minutes. :( But other than that, it'd just be for about a minute and would work again.

    Flash forward to today. It happened again, and it was one that still wasn't being responsive after 5 minutes. So, since I've been into my macbook a few times (replace optical drive and LCD), I figured I'd open it up to make sure the ribbon was all the way plugged in.

    Well, it was all the way plugged in; Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Except now it won't turn on at all. :((((

    So I was like "Yo google, my man, help me out!" And Google was all like "I gotcha, I gotcha" but google didn't got me. It seems unresponsive keyboard and trackpad is a common problem. One of the issues being a ribbon under the battery (Pressing it down did nothing) and resetting pram/smc (Except my keyboard doesn't work, so how do I do that?).

    In order to make sure it was my keyboard that was broken and not the logic board, I short circuited it to power up (Which I found out how to do on this forum - If you read this wesli_1 I <3 you baby!) and that worked fine and I was all like ok!

    Then I was like ha! I can reset the smc this way I think! So I held down the solder pads for a few seconds to reset the smc and was like plz baby plz! But still not working.

    So yeah, I certainly assume problem = the upper case keyboard thingy and to replace it. But since I've read a lot about people with unresponsive keyboard/trackpad that buying a new keyboard did nothing to remedy the issue, I figured I'd check here first to make sure everyones like "ya bro that's the issue, now order one and forget that **** and let's get wasted!" and I'd be like "I don't drink but thanks for the help!"

    It's a 2008 Macbook 4,1 if it matters.

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  • InuNacho
    Apr 7, 12:48 PM
    Does Yar's Revenge sound crappy like in that Youtube video?


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  • Gjunkie
    Oct 5, 08:25 PM
    Im sorry, but wasn't tabbed browsing covered when Steve debuted Leaopard? and I saw the improved find feature in Safari 3 like almost 2 months ago... the only "new" feature that I see is the resizeable text fields....
    I love safari and everything, but this isn't news.... why is everyone making such a big deal over this??

    It's like as if I said, "Hey everyone! check this out! Tiger has an awesome NEW feature called WIDGETS!"

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  • Reach9
    Apr 4, 06:35 PM
    and this
    don't seem to add up.

    Again, i said it happens regardless of what they're wearing, but i was talking about reducing the chance of sexual assault.


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  • imoguy789
    Dec 2, 09:00 PM
    Winter theme!

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  • macquariumguy
    May 4, 09:57 AM
    What say you now??

    I think the people responsible for authorizing and carrying it out should be prosecuted for war crimes, beginning with Bush and Cheney.


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  • Anuba
    Jan 10, 04:12 PM
    So whats your opinion, personally i think it was to focused on the iphone...

    I hate these keynotes with a passion and always wish someone would napalm all the smug brainwashed idiots in the audience constantly applauding Steve "Hitler" Jobs like he was deity... ooh look a button, this calls for a standing ovation... creepy freaks. But enough about me.

    I thought it was pretty underwhelming. Even though the iPhone appears to be a very cool and well designed gadget, the battery solution blows (short life + non-swappable) and 4/8 GB is a joke. Initially it seemed everyone was drooling all over the screens, but after the excitement had settled down I guess it wasn't so hot after all. For some reason it gave me flashbacks to that Keynote where he showed that god awful Motorola ROKR phone with built-in iTunes, with all these old geezer CEOs from various third parties making awkward fish-out-of-water appearances and stuttering their way through written notes... but yeah, I guess people who were looking forward to Leopard would feel kind of miffed. Myself I don't get very excited over point releases, call me when they have OS11 ready.

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  • Rocketman
    Nov 29, 02:18 PM
    And what happens if we don't want HDCP then?

    Then you cannot display the "highest" resolution version of the media. Either none, or a resolution crippled version (ie 480p vs 1080i).



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  • mpossoff
    Feb 10, 08:26 AM
    Does this extend our contract?


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  • kavika411
    Apr 13, 10:27 AM
    Nice insight... your sources?

    Just my general awesomeness. ;)

    I obviously have no sources. But I do think there are a few definitive patterns Apple follows. One of them is this - don't cannibalize sales or media attention by rolling out multiple new/big items at the same time; rather, allow for a couple of months at a minimum between a new iPhone and a new iPod line, or between a new iPad and a big refresh of Macs. Another pattern is that when they roll out a very new product (such as the iPhone 1, or Apple TV, etc.), make it fairly bare bones so that people can get used to it, so that it can begin an easy integration into your life, your home, and so on.

    So why do I mention that? Because we all know (at least with 93% certainty) that the North Carolina data center is Apple's entry into some form of cloud computing. We also know that Amazon just threw the gauntlet down by unveiling its cloud. We also know things are moving fast with cable networks, studios, etc. racing to get apps and content onto your mobile device, especially your iPad.

    All the while, the iPhone sales appear to be kicking ass, and besides a larger screen, there doesn't seem to be anything that Joe Public is fretting about not having in the iPhone. For the average crowd, the iPhone 4 is plenty sufficient and remains in high demand.

    So, in my mind, I smush all of that "data" together, and I believe strongly that there is a blackboard in Steve Jobs office that looks at the forest - not the trees - and shows April/May media event to roll out cloud, and shows the summer as an educational time for consumers to begin integrating cloud into their lives, late summer a new line of iPods that make strong use of the cloud, and perhaps (emphasis on perhaps) a new iPad the has strong cloud integration for holiday sales.

    Another way I look at the iPhone 4 is this - it's like when Apple plateaued, in a good way, with Leopard. Apple essentially said, this is awesome, let's chill with this. The most we'll do is tighten up the code a bit with Snow Leopard. The iPhone 4 is like Leopard. While us Apple geeks - me included - enjoy pondering how much more we need out of the iPhone 5, the reality is the vast majority of mobile phone customers are more than satisfied by the iPhone 4, and there is little need for Apple to take attention off the pending cloud release and focus on a iPhone 5.


    I yield the floor. ;)

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  • puma1552
    Apr 24, 02:03 AM
    ^^^Would love an '06+ Z4, or better yet an '09+ for the retractable hardtop so I could get away with it year round.

    What I'd also love, would be an A5:

    Expensive for a 2.0T, though. Used prices are quite high too due to the exclusivity.

    Oct 6, 09:52 AM
    Sounds awesome, but I'll still stick with Camino until Safari speeds up a bit and is more stable. Those were my only two issues.


    I suggest buying a mac pro with 16gb ram that way you can use safari:eek:
    jokes aside, I use it on my g4 mini and its fine, I'm sure camino is faster but I guess I got used to safari's feel

    Apr 30, 08:03 PM
    "Castle"? Can't come up with a lamer name than that. :rolleyes:

    May 5, 02:34 PM
    Restore as new and if it still does it take it in to apple to replace the phone.

    Laird Knox
    Apr 6, 01:41 PM
    If each byte were a $1000 bill, that's still less than the US national debt of $14.3PB (again, if B were $1000 for agrument's sake)

    I take it math isn't your strong subject?

    US debt is approximately $14 trillion. A peta- is 1000 times larger than a tera- and you are suggesting that the debt is 1000 time larger than that. That's OK, you only missed by a factor of one million.

    Sep 26, 07:43 PM
    Hmm, yeah it looks like the main page alternates between the Webmail sneak peak and the free GarageBand loops. So sorry, never mind.


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