Friday, July 22, 2011

baby footprint tattoos

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  • fireshot91
    Sep 21, 03:27 PM
    I liked it. I liked their other album/s better though.

    Also, this can be part of This Thread (

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  • steveing64
    Dec 27, 05:52 AM
    Off the kids fridge magnets :)

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 15, 06:13 PM
    too bad, i support the death penalty.

    So you have absolute 100% confidence in our "justice" system?

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  • jav6454
    Mar 31, 10:03 AM
    Looks decent. Now, what else do they offer?


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  • JohnnyQuest
    Mar 31, 04:39 PM
    Are you guys not aware that Christmas was months ago? ;)

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  • ECUpirate44
    Feb 8, 08:37 PM
    How do I get the cool weather widgets like that?
    New to Apple Computers! On my first one now and wanna do a little bit of customizing it! I just bought it Saturday!

    He did it with an app called geektool. It takes a little know how to do, but there are plenty of dummy proof guides on youtube.

    I used to use geektool until I got a few Kernal panics and I noticed my mac taking a performance hit from it. Be careful when your messing with system tweaks!


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  • Baby Footprints Temporary

  • revolutionx
    Apr 10, 10:51 AM
    I have been trying to figure out the this graphic design was achieved?

    It was created by a guy called AGNakamura from deviantart.

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  • babyt
    Sep 8, 02:12 PM
    Simple and Star Wars... I LOVE IT.

    Can you share the image?

    yeah i saw this picture and decided it was utterly amazing :-)
    no problem
    i do *believe* this is were i got the wallpaper from [am not at school so cant check history]
    it should work anyways,wallpapers,40965/download,1920x1080,Black+and+White+Wallpaper+for+Star+Wars+Dolls.html


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  • macnews
    Sep 27, 02:46 AM
    I think it does look nice. I just hope this is include in Leopard server as well. I would love to run my own mail server with this type of webmail interface.

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  • kauthor
    Aug 4, 05:29 PM
    I went to Comic-Con and they mentioned that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD does not work very well.


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  • fel10
    Apr 7, 06:30 PM
    1st post.

    I love that Spiderman wallpaper! I'm using The Beatles - Abbey Road wallpaper right now. I saw it in this topic a few months ago. Been lurking for a while now and finally decided to make an account.

    Anyone have any good Batman wallpapers?

    Here they have tons of Batman wallpapers. Just go to Search, and type Batman.

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  • soundwarp
    Jun 24, 01:17 PM
    im curious with anyones experience there.


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  • godrifle
    Sep 27, 06:51 AM
    Dear Job,

    Please give me web-based address book that contains the groups I've created.


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  • drjsway
    Nov 11, 01:49 PM
    For feature films and television these days, Final Cut is ABSOLUTELY the industry standard. Oh and in the 8 years I've lived in Hollywood, I never met one person in the industry who uses a Windows PC (maybe a writer or two).


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  • exterminator
    Aug 4, 06:52 AM
    On my MBP.

    Spectacular, however, can you point me to a higher res picture? thanks :)

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  • Baby Footprint

  • sat165
    Apr 28, 02:15 AM
    HELP !

    i had jailbreak on my 4.3.1 ios, but needed to remove it before going into apple to see the genius bar..

    but i updated and restores on itunes and now i cant kick of recovery, i have gone to tiny umbrella and tried kick out and also unchecked the box saying set hosts to cydia on exit?

    please help quickly my appointment is soon :(


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  • MacBandit
    Nov 10, 01:51 PM
    Interesting! So under your description Macromedia Studio/Adobe CS are free apps as well ;)

    For one month. If you were a profesional you could potentially make enough money with the Adobe 30 day trials to pay for the full programs.

    Whether or not you can be productive with it even with the limited time. Now if the program can be ran but you could not save what you produced out of it then it would not be free.

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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 19, 01:22 PM
    The military can execute a criminal for rape or desertion. Treason is also a capital offense. None of these things involve killing a person, and desertion and treason might not involve any physical harm at all.

    At any rate, you're still being very selective in your arguments. In the OP I laid out a series of reasons why the death penalty should be abandoned, and have only addressed one or two of them, and unconvincingly at that. Additionally, you have failed to make a convincing argument why life imprisonment without parole is not a sufficient punishment for the worst crimes.

    The only thing you mentioned in the op is cost, which i already addressed. And as i said, i don't support capital punishment for crimes like rape, desertion, or treason. Actually, child rape is death penalty worthy. Either way though, I'm really not trying to prove anything, I'm just stating my opinion that i support the current laws regarding that. You on the other hand are trying to prove that the death penalty is wrong, and as of now I don't think you've proven your point.

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  • neocell
    Dec 10, 12:27 PM
    Open Date & Time in System Preferences, and then under the Date & Time tab see if it's set to set time automatically and if you have the correct region selected from the pull down menu. Also make sure you have the correct time zone selected in the next tab.


    If that doesn't do anything maybe try reseting the PRAM (

    Aug 17, 10:34 AM
    First post here.

    Apr 4, 01:09 PM
    Thanks zen.

    In the meantime how does one go about getting the PPC up and running again? or even diagnosing the problem?

    Is it a fried HD?

    As I bought the PPC with OSX already installed but no discs I guess I'll need to get a copy of Tiger and a HD to load it onto. Which version of the OSX do I need? On eBay there are retail discs and install discs.

    Oh and can I install it onto a Sata drive connected to one of the cards?

    Apr 28, 10:30 AM
    Name 1 Android device with sales figures like the iPhone 4.

    HTC Thunderbolt outsold the iPhone 4 on Verizon.

    Apr 4, 10:00 AM
    That's fricken lame. Bad greedy carrier.

    Sep 4, 01:20 PM
    How do you make your dock just a black strip like you did?
    Running geektool. Most of the desktops you see are running it to display computer information, weather, music, etc.
    I'm also using a black dock with the icons.
    •See this thread for Geektool (
    •See this link for black dock (

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