Friday, July 22, 2011

amore meaning

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  • amore tattoo. amore tattoo

  • Samuriajackon
    Mar 10, 07:24 AM
    It's okay, not like my iPhone which i miss....I think I'd like my work phone if my boss's would quite calling it. :D

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  • hulugu
    Mar 17, 03:29 PM
    If I dress like a nerd is it ok for people to give me wedgies, tape "kick me" signs on my back and give me swirlies in the bathroom? Was I asking for it?

    Well, that's what you get for wearing a Star Trek uniform.

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  • mccldwll
    Apr 13, 08:17 PM
    Hahaha Yea... Meant CDMA! Nevertheless... New iPhone in Feb as well as the white one later this month! Definately no iPhone 5 coming this year!

    Again, like I said, time for a new username.

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  • by amore of dreams traders

  • asphalt-proof
    Apr 21, 09:47 AM
    That isn't entirely true. iPhone 1,1 (and soon iPhone 1,2) users can't run all apps. Anything that requires 4.0 (probably 4.3~5.0 for iPhone 1,2) won't run. Neither will things that require a certain amount of horsepower (say like Infinity Blade).

    REALLY? You're going to throw a 3 and 4 year old phone into the argument? Fine. How many old Android phones can run all the available apps. Heck, how many Android phones less than a year old run all the apps available?:rolleyes:


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  • timlopez
    Apr 13, 04:39 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8F190)

    The tech at the Cingular store told me it would be next year before 5 will appear. Not sure how reliable that is or where he got his info. I asked him how sure of that he was. He stated he was very sure.

    Does he still think he works for "Cingular"? Sounds like the last guy to get any memo ;)

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  • Designer Dale
    Feb 14, 02:50 PM
    Hi. I need to set up a poll in Digital Photography to select topics for a new critique thread, the Fortnightly Challenge. I want each user to be able to vote for his/her top three from a list of twenty or more suggestions. Can this be done or are polls limited to one vote per viewer?



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  • celticpride678
    Dec 18, 01:37 PM
    The iPod touch probably has iOS 4.1, which can be jailbroken using limera1n. If you'd like to update to iOS 4.2, you can, but your jailbreak will be tethered.

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  • meaning of mi amore cosi

  • gkarris
    Apr 7, 05:34 PM
    Dang! That is true.

    Thinking it out:
    Stick = Up/Down
    Bottom Red = Reverse
    Right-Botton Black = Thrust
    Right-Top Black = Fire
    Top White = Smart Bomb
    Bottom White = Hyperspace

    On Stargate you could assign one of the others to the Stealth mode button too.

    They NEED 2 versions of iCade - one with joystick, the other with a Trackball and Knob... ;)


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  • Reventon
    Aug 1, 09:01 PM
    My screen shot, which is of course from the ending battle between the Enterprise and the Reliant in Star Trek II.

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  • Touche Amore/Olin and the Moon

  • NastyComputers
    Sep 5, 10:07 AM
    Sticking with my Miami Heat summer theme, again:

    Not a fan of him, but great pic!


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  • silentnite
    Apr 20, 04:10 PM
    With all the apple products my family and I own, we must count for a good percent of that. :D

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  • Cool Online Find: Amore by

  • madbad01
    Mar 23, 12:00 AM
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to connect to my work server (Windows Server 2008 R2) via Remote Desktop Connection for Mac on my iMac at home.

    Until recently, the work server was running Windows Server 2002 but since the upgrade to 2008 I get an error when I try to connect to the work IP Address... Help!



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  • Cool Online Find: Amore by

  • TheEvilDonut
    Sep 2, 10:58 PM
    Currently sporting :

    Link to original (1440x900) (

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  • bmwhd
    Apr 26, 10:11 AM
    Hmm, that would be interesting. Let's see what iFixit will say about that.

    Agreed. All I can say is it looked like the one pictured on the front page here - no grid.


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  • techfreak85
    Apr 22, 08:16 PM
    Come on guys! We gotta get crankin' out WUs again! We seem to have lost a lot of that steam that we had a month or two ago. Losing bigadv for OS X has been an issue, hopefully we will get a new client soon!
    I am disappointed that my output has dropped, especially over the last few days...I reformatted my computer, but I should be back up now. In a few weeks, after I am done with this Final Cut project, I might boot into Windows and crank out some bigadvs + GPU to give us a boost.

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  • Resist
    Apr 26, 10:16 PM
    The movie was nice, that app is an interesting concept.


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  • Doctor Q
    Dec 15, 08:31 PM
    Sorry, as a new member, you do not have enough posts to use our Marketplace, where you can ask to buy/sell/trade/give/get Mac items.

    Please review our FAQ (in the toolbar above) and join in the various discussions in our forums. You'll make friends and get a lot of good information (and interesting opinions).

    If you came to MacRumors only hoping to get a free computer, I'm sorry but we can't help you.

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  • Intell
    Apr 15, 09:09 PM
    Bootlace can't be used on any iPod Touch 2G. Only the iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 1G, and iPhone 3G.

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  • Chase R
    Oct 7, 10:03 PM

    Where can I find this wallpaper? Thanks!

    Apr 28, 12:05 AM
    Q: Should I want my device to no longer be able to share information with third parties, and I turn off Location Services, does my iPhone continue to do so? A: No.

    Q: Is the anonymous, encrypted information sent back to Apple currently used for any other purpose than to speed up finding my location when I am using GPS services so I don't have to wait several minutes each time? A: No.

    Q: Is the location data on my iPhone my actual whereabouts? A: No. It's cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots nearby, some more than 100 miles away.

    If this is Big Brother, he gets an EPIC FAIL from me.

    1 It shouldn't share information with the second party

    2 Someone should tell Steve and Phil about this, because they are both talking about a crowd sourced database

    3 A single data point relative to a source 100 miles away is insignificant, however if I move out of range from that one and into range of another it indicates I am in motion and indicates the direction of motion. since the data is associated with time a few points of data can also give an idea of the speed at which I am traveling which could be used to determine my mode of transportation. The effect of anonimizing is degraded wherever the number of data points is increased, and we are talking about copious data points here.

    Laird Knox
    Apr 6, 01:41 PM
    If each byte were a $1000 bill, that's still less than the US national debt of $14.3PB (again, if B were $1000 for agrument's sake)

    I take it math isn't your strong subject?

    US debt is approximately $14 trillion. A peta- is 1000 times larger than a tera- and you are suggesting that the debt is 1000 time larger than that. That's OK, you only missed by a factor of one million.

    Oct 20, 10:43 AM
    Hey guys, i just past 250 posts and do not know where to find the Market place, can anyone help me out?


    Sep 1, 09:59 PM
    ...The Dark Knight ... & .... Michael Jackson doing the awesome (and famous?) anti-gravity lean :)

    May I, & others have both please in super high res please?
    Hoping to feature both on mac Mini external 20" monitor at max (late'09) and on Al_uMB. Please.

    Dec 14, 07:40 PM

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