Friday, July 22, 2011

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  • stewie1
    Apr 4, 11:37 AM
    Apple needs to learn to work with publishers.

    I spend about a third of my daily iPad time reading the FT every morning. If the app gets pulled or no longer works (because Apple insists on getting their cut of my annual subscription), I will make the very easy decision to get an Android tablet next.

    Same goes for my Economist and WSJ apps. Combined, I probably spend 75% of my time on my iPad reading these publications. Take them away, and I'm gone.

    My loyalty is to the publisher and the quality of their material. It is NOT to Apple. And one less iPad owner also means one less App store and/or iTunes customer.

    Apple should tread very lightly here.

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  • iLikeMyiMac
    Aug 14, 06:17 PM
    Here's a pic of my hunting dog cropped and shrunken down to 75 pixels.

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  • Iphone3gs
    Apr 16, 08:43 AM

    Is this site reliable.

    What are the top 3 ssd in terms of price,speed,reliability?

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  • lloydh
    Mar 31, 10:10 AM
    To me it looks like necessary groundwork to bring this kind of functionality to touch devices, but I hope there are people out there who can create a more intuitive interface paradigm than just having a ton of dense pop-over palettes etc.

    Good to see Adobe's working on this, though.


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  • Zygon Gambit
    Oct 31, 10:04 AM
    The 2GB shuffle!!!! I CANT WAIT TO GET ONE!!!! I hear its going to be as popular as the PowerBook G5!!!
    Please stop. Please.

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  • jettredmont
    Apr 4, 04:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    **** AT&T.

    The wrong foul word was starred out there. Probably a bug in the forum software.


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  • techfreak85
    Mar 14, 07:19 PM
    Hey we finally passed someone! Keep up the good work guys! Only 3.2 weeks till we pass another team! We should really start kicking butt again when a new OS X client comes out so us Mac/Hackintosh folders can run Bigadvs again!

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  • OneMike
    Apr 4, 10:29 AM
    If anything I'm seeing that this will push resale value of iPhones up.

    Of course it sucks, but I don't upgrade early so unless they increase the non early upgrade costs this won't apply to a lot of us.


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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Oct 14, 12:52 PM
    I would have loved this 3 years ago when I worked. But now that I'm retired that's MY LIFE.:D

    I just graduated college and started working, so this might be my desktop for a while :rolleyes:

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  • blow45
    May 2, 09:00 PM
    what a horrid picture on the front!


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  • Philberttheduck
    Sep 26, 09:55 PM
    Hmm.. sounds like .Mac won't be free til after '07. :(

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  • 666sheep
    Apr 4, 02:32 PM
    I wouldn't suspect the PSU as source of KPs. Never happened in my years of experience with Macs (about few hundreds of units I had in my hands). Ticking sound it's separate issue IMO. Firstly I'd remove all but 1 stick of RAM. If you have more than one, test all separately. HDD (or corrupted files on it) would be a second suspect.


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  • Vivid.Inferno
    Sep 10, 08:41 PM
    Been using this one for a while now.

    link to the original please =]

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  • miles01110
    Apr 25, 08:01 AM
    You cannot set a webmail account to open when you click on a mailto URL. If you want to set up your e-mail account in your Desktop mail client (like Entourage) that is usually possible depending on what kind of e-mail account you have.


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  • Bacong
    Nov 23, 01:09 PM
    not yet quite available :(,default,sc.html

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  • mattwolfmatt
    May 2, 04:32 PM
    Those macrumors members either have really big biceps or really small hands. ;)

    It's all perspective. The biceps are closer to the camera than the hands. This is why, when taking pictures of fish, you always extend your arms toward the camera.


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  • Sun Baked
    Feb 12, 06:51 PM
    Maybe not. ;)Don't worry...

    As edesignuk found out, it's a pain in the neck to keep putting smilies and pictures in all your posts.

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  • ri0ku
    Mar 9, 09:10 PM
    Hey guys anyone know of good app that will allow me to lock users into a single app, basically I want to run a portfolio app at an exhibition and I don't want users to escape the app and just play with other stuff

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  • aricut
    Apr 13, 07:56 AM
    i have the macpro 3.1 early 2008 8 cores

    now i have 4*1 giga of ram i recently got 2*4 giga extra to upgrade .
    my question is what is the best way to install them in riser a and b ?
    i did a few tries but it wont work for me 3

    thanks ! :) :apple:

    Dec 7, 11:58 AM


    Source for this anyone?



    Mac Fly (film)
    Sep 26, 09:57 PM
    You spelled PEEK wrong!!

    Jul 9, 01:21 PM
    Probably a very long shot, but does anybody have plans to go to either of the above stores on Friday?
    I'm torn between the two towns, but if there is somebody from here going to either then I'd be happy to meet up and natter to pass the time.

    Sep 24, 08:00 PM
    Killing hookers?? :eek:

    Well given your other examples perhaps that just about describes the probable immaturity of an 18 old. Enough said in that case. :rolleyes:

    Qu�? No makie no sensie.

    I was using exaggerations too emphasise the opinion that I think there is a double standard here, if the OP was staying at a friend's house there is as much trouble he could get himself into there as there is at the GF's house, however his parents wouldn't think twice about letting him stay at his friends place would they?

    Sep 4, 02:37 PM
    Running geektool. Most of the desktops you see are running it to display computer information, weather, music, etc.
    I'm also using a black dock with the icons.
    �See this thread for Geektool (
    �See this link for black dock (

    I thought you had gotten rid of the dock but kept the apps and whatnot and just had a black strip(geektool pic probably). Didn't realize that the dock just blended in with the black strip.

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