Friday, July 22, 2011

alexandria zahra jones

alexandria zahra jones. alexandria zahra jones
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  • ebdog2222
    Jan 15, 09:13 PM
    Did Garmin announce any products at Macworld? There were rumors a few days ago. Haven't found anything new though.

    alexandria zahra jones. alexandria zahra jones
  • alexandria zahra jones

  • machewcoy
    Feb 20, 04:44 AM


    Link to original please??? :D

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  • SilentPanda
    Nov 29, 09:42 AM
    Are you using Firefox? If so one of your addons is blocking the link. May happen with Safari also.

    If you need more help feel free to send me a PM.

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  • w_parietti22
    Sep 24, 08:19 PM
    I walked in on mine.

    :eek: I would be scared for life!!! :eek:


    alexandria zahra jones. alexandria zahra jones
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  • leowyatt
    Apr 17, 12:18 PM is the top one.

    The one on my MBA I can't seem to find in my history sorry, however originally all I did was Google "mac wallpapers" and I found it within a few minutes

    no worries fella, thanks for the link. I've actually found it with red pants so have stuck that on.

    Will have a nose for the cart one though.

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  • King Cobra
    Aug 20, 07:40 PM

    That's my submission. The following animation is what I made originally, but it is 300KB, which is why I'm pissed off that I had to trim it down so much. Let this fully load first (


    alexandria zahra jones. 名为Alexandria Zahra Jones
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  • nunoabsilva
    Dec 6, 07:27 AM

    mmmmm oliviaaaaa in full 1080p

    what is the first software icon in the bar (download's/bandwith !!!!!)

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  • nipo
    Apr 4, 10:12 AM
    Does ATT offer lower off contract prices like T-mobile? You're only saving $150 off the no contract price with the change.


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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Dec 19, 04:51 AM
    That's definitively a movie I would have seen... :D

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  • eye
    Dec 29, 09:04 PM
    I have each set going down a column. Right now, I just carefully routed the wires around the back and being held by tape. I'm picking up some wire management stuff from Home Depot so it will look cleaner.
    But unless someone looks at the back, you really cannot see the wires.

    ...and switched to all white. :)

    What kind of lights? I am totally doing this.


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  • AppleDroid
    Apr 20, 04:02 PM
    Great news for Apple as far as iOS implementation but comparing including iPod touch doesn't really seem like a fair comparison since Android isn't on any PMP devices.

    So as it stands, correct me if I'm wrong, but:

    1. Mobile PHONES, Android > iOS
    2. Include tablets and PMP iOS > Android by a good margin

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  • psychometry
    Oct 6, 12:17 AM
    Resizable textarea's have been implemented in WebKit nightlies for a few months now but were turned off by default at some point.

    For this to be included in a front page news item when its been publicly available for months is ludicrous.

    Yeah, there haven't been any Page 2 rumors recently, either. At least half the stuff from the past 2 weeks should be there instead.


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  • Mr. Anderson
    Jan 20, 02:36 PM

    alexandria zahra jones. To call Iman an icon is an
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  • cirus
    Apr 20, 04:25 PM
    Image (

    While much has been made of Android's rapid gains in the smartphone market that has seen it surge past the iPhone, a perhaps equally vocal contingent has pointed out that iOS is much larger than just the iPhone and that Android has only just started pushing into the tablet market and has yet to forge an effort into the non-phone touch device market.

    But yesterday, comScore finally put some numbers behind ( that latter argument, building off its earlier report ( regarding February data on smartphone usage to reveal that the overall iOS platform of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch reaches 37.9 million users in the U.S., 59% greater than the reach of Android.Rather than simply counting device sales, comScore's data tracks individual users, making that 37.9 million number reflective of users (some of whom have more than one iOS device) rather than devices directly.

    As a result, Apple's iOS reaches 16.2% of the 234 million mobile platform users in the United States, with Android registering at 10.2% with 23.8 million users.

    But perhaps most notably, comScore finds that there is not a tremendous amount of overlap in users, with only 10.5% of iOS users accessing the system from multiple devices such as an iPhone and iPad or iPhone and iPod touch.
    Image (

    The survey also shows a broad appeal for the iPad, moving well beyond existing iPhone users to appeal to users of smartphones from a number of other companies. In particular, LG, Samsung, and Nokia smartphone users are overrepresented when it comes to iPad ownership, while users of Research in Motion and Motorola smartphones are somewhat underrepresented in iPad ownership. According to the survey, only 27.3% of iPad owners are also iPhone owners, while 17.5% are BlackBerry owners, 14.3% are Samsung owners, and 12.1% are LG owners.

    Article Link: iOS Platform Reach Exceeds Android's By 59% in U.S. (

    I don't think that they should include the ipod touch. There is no android equivalent. iOS has been out longer too, they will have previous market saturation (android released october 2008 more than a year after iOS). We need to look at the growth numbers.

    I like how they can track individual users (scares me).


    alexandria zahra jones. By Daily Mail Reporter
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  • cube
    Nov 1, 06:25 AM
    Fink (

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  • imahawki
    May 3, 01:29 PM
    ...every time?


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  • jtap
    Feb 21, 02:31 AM
    Link to original please??? :D

    Not sure where I found the original but here is the wallpaper:

    Cropped it myself. ;)

    alexandria zahra jones. alexandria zahra jones
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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 26, 12:22 AM
    My sources are actually talking about an advanced, radical design which also incorporates a radical new feature set.

    It's called the iOmni, and it's really cool.

    It comes in solid brass with a mirror polish finish.

    Here's some descriptive photos that were smuggled out of a highly-classified location which, apparently for reasons of national security, are not at the 1 Infinite Loop campus location.

    In this first image, you can see the iOmni in it's closed mode. Unfortunately due to the angles of the images, you cannot really see it, but there is a pair of standard 1/8th inch headphone jacks at the top of the device, one on either "bump". It would seem that some people have been taking the "stick it in her ear" comment a little bit too literally, and due to complaints, Apple has now built in a second headphone jack to allow both parties to listen to the music in full, clear stereo.

    Moving on...

    As you can see in this first image, Apple's famous electro-static click wheel remains a central part of the design. I'll come to the set of rings it's set into in just a moment, but one of the things I'd like to draw your attention to are the two colored lights, one red and one green, at the top of the device. Nobody my contact has spoken with seems to know exactly what they're for, but there has been some speculation about them being part of the power meter system.

    However, it's the concentric rings which are of very great interest, since they seem to contain a sequence of date codes, from days to weeks, and then down through centuries. According to several unconfirmed reports, it seems the device rumored to be able to let you listen to any song, at any point in time in Earth's history. Now, if true, of course this would suggest a considerable scientific breakthrough in temporal physics and acoustic detection. Whether it transports the user, the performer, or just the music itself is as yet unknown.

    There have been rumors around the Apple campus that Steve has gone missing once or twice when visiting the off-campus facility, but these have been largely discounted by most of the people my source has spoken with.

    My source said there was no LCD mounted to the unit pictured above, but there did seem to be some extraneous connectors in between the two lights, though what their purpose is remains unknown.

    Isn't this exciting news, folks? You've heard it here first.

    alexandria zahra jones. Fate unknown  missing man Gary Jones. Picture: The Daily Telegraph Source: The Daily Telegraph. A MOTHER has left her DNA sample with a private company
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  • Cougarcat
    Mar 25, 10:50 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    So basically Apple will still have the crummy on iOS 5.0

    Not necessarily, as the article says, Apple posted a job for Maps in 2009.

    May 3, 10:00 PM
    youtube just search best, top themes! there are a ton! there are also several threads showing themes apps etc.. if you want to convince them let them play with yours. I love mine but I also feel it's not for everybody. Also if you take jailbreaking away I'm out!

    Oct 9, 04:13 PM
    no themes that i can find

    Apr 25, 11:52 AM
    Out here in the world there is a buyer for anything apple. I'm just not into a white anything apple it will only show easily how rugged I can be with my phone.

    Dec 3, 07:46 AM
    This WP is stretched to fit; I wish I could find an actual 16:10 ratio one for it. Also, anyone know if this guy has a name or the origins of it?The art is from this guy:

    Nov 27, 10:46 PM
    sorry, i thought i put that in there. Its a single 733 processor and the stock video card

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